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FL.BeautyBar Procedures and Policies

Before booking any appointments at FL.BeautyBar, please carefully review these policies to ensure full understanding. These policies are in place to maintain efficient and timely service, ensuring the best customer experience. Failure to comply with these policies can impact our ability to provide exceptional service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority, and these policies are designed to offer you the best experience. We appreciate your business and welcome any questions regarding these policies.

To secure your appointment, a deposit fee will be charged to your card, deducted from the total session cost. A deposit fee is mandatory for all appointments. Without a paid deposit and email confirmation, no appointment is scheduled. All deposits are non-refundable.

Clients must assess their eligibility for treatments before appointments. If contraindications prevent treatment during an appointment, it will be canceled, and the deposit fee forfeited. Rebooking will require an additional deposit.

We reserve and allocate time specifically for you; we value your time and expect the same courtesy in return. Our results depend on your commitment from pre-care to after-care and consistent appointments. Your face represents our brand.

No-shows result in automatic forfeiture of your deposit fee and possible refusal of future services. Cancellations also lead to automatic deposit fee forfeiture.

To accommodate all clients, a 24-hour notice is essential for rescheduling. We request you to be respectful of your appointment time. Failing to provide 24-hour notice may lead to deposit fee forfeiture. To reschedule, please text us. Avoid social media for cancellations.

Being 15 minutes (5 minutes for services that have duration 30 minutes or less) late to an appointment will result in cancellation. The same policies apply, including deposit fee forfeiture and potential full payment before rebooking. Thorough consultations and precise work require time, and exceptions are not made.

Due to the detailed nature of our services, we request that you come unaccompanied to your appointment. Family, friends, and pets are not allowed in the procedure room. Please plan accordingly.

Results vary among clients and are influenced by individual factors. We cannot guarantee specific results. Services are non-refundable, and additional sessions may be necessary for optimal results, incurring extra charges.

Our prices are subject to change without prior notice. Any price increase applies to appointments booked after the increase date. The original price is honored for appointments scheduled before the increase.

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